drama 11







Artist’s Statement

Angela McFall

‘Un Autre Monde’


Fleet- Civilisation rises and falls, the centre cannot hold, and all things fall apart,
yet the shape of the fallen cities, traced in fragments, monuments, and patterns remains, ghostlike. AND ENCROACHES ON OUR PRESENT
In my series ‘Lost Cities’, I explore the passage of time through CAPTURED MOMENTS IN THE PRESENT, AND IN THE FRAGMENTS of what has been left behind. I am interested in the way that we are floating, through time, racing into the uncharted future and reinventing the world as we go. I am interested in the way frames, photos, snapshots, capture something, and I am interested in breaking the space between these frames, and their surrounding. A kind of temporal cubism, breaking down the time frame.
ARE WE FORCED to exist in THIS very narrow band of time, a perpetual present with no anchors to past or aspirations of future? This is being engineered through aggressive penetration by the media into our private spaces.
And yet as deeply as we are being pushed to live in the media saturated present, and despite the fact that technology is condemning us to a perpetual NOW, the traces of the past persist to remind us that it wasn’t always this way. And so the paintings become anchors in time, monuments to moments. The fragments of other worlds.