‘The mind is its own place…’, Milton.


Artist’s statement

The Vanishing Point

Different places on earth have different vital effluence, different polarity with different stars : call it what you like, but the spirit of place is a great reality. D.H.Lawrence

I have traveled far,  and followed maps through many cities, on many continents. My journeys have shown me the importance of place. Now we move further and faster through space, and our relationship to place has changed. It is this theme I explore in my paintings and mixed media works.

I contrast concrete places and monuments, with abandoned and transitional places, to reveal how we are continually building and reshaping the physical spaces, the cities we inhabit. Overlaying, discarding, and preserving, based on what we ‘collectively’ view as important in the shared spaces we occupy. I echo this process in my work, evoking, erasing and preserving certain lines. I start with concrete things and let them disintegrate. The end result is paintings which evoke places and their temporality. My work explores place, time, and space, and what it means to be here now leaving marks in paint, and colours; fading, racing towards the vanishing point.

And it is there in the vanishing point where things get very interesting. In my work it represents a point of departure, where matter meets mind and you enter a less material space. To some extent my work uses the concrete, and its physical processes to evoke and construct limitless spaces for the mind.



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In the Embers of Lost Beauty

June 21st 2015

This sums up my work at the moment. Wandering around Europe in awe of the crumbling beauty, the past lingering in lost places, year by year ancient buildings disintegrating in waves of urban erosion. Facades remain, propped up, and supported, straining under the weights and measures of time. Time keeps on slipping into the future, and as far as the eye can see concrete spills into the void,  and creates a certain lack of oxygen.

CUBIFICATION is a word I made up a few weeks ago to describe the contemporary experience. Cubification is the standardization of everything. Fittng into smaller and smaller spaces, organic spaces are becoming cubified. The seats on the train are smaller therefore you must be smaller. Each year the lines in the parking lots are redrawn smaller, your car should be smaller, in fact you shouldn’t have a car you should have a bike. Should and more should. Freedom is being filled with should and more and more people are telling you what you should do, wear, eat, and there is less and less space for freedom. Less freedom and less time, time is being cubified dissected into  smaller and smaller particles- Zeptoseconds- smaller and smaller divisions of time so you can get angrier and angrier at the person in front of you who has taken one zeptosecond too long to buy their ticket to get on the train which is now even smaller. Rage against the machine.

” The city no longer exists, except as a cultural ghost for tourists.” McLuhan

1- What’s on the other side of the vanishing point?

2 -“light is therefore colour” (J.M.W.Turner)

3 -Aether; the substance of light.

4 – from Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

“The universe,” he continued, “this universe that we know, began in almost absolute simplicity, and it has been getting more complex for about fifteen billion years. In another billion years it will be still more complex than it is now. In five billion, in ten billion — it is always getting more complex. It is moving toward…something. It is moving toward some kind of ultimate complexity. We might not get there. An atom of hydrogen might not get there, or a leaf, or a man, or a planet might not get there, to that ultimate complexity. But we are all moving towards it — everything in the universe is moving towards it. And that final complexity, that thing we are all moving to, is what I choose to call God. If you don’t like that word, God, call it the Ultimate Complexity. Whatever you call it, the whole universe is moving toward it.”

pp. 480-1