Thunder Clouds

About the work:

In this series of paintings and mixed media works places unravel to reveal the energetic side of what appears to be concrete. Everything is moving, everything is fleeting, everything is transformation. This series of work captures the emotional side of existence, the human journey through landscapes, weather, and time. Everything is moving, everything is fleeting, everything is transformation.




Paintings call into question the real spaces caught in between.


Dessin en 3D- On display at the Musee du Vieux Montreux- Exposition ‘Regards Croisés’ -vernissage 14 mai 11h

3D Drawing

Facade-Pepney gallery 2022





As the old world I was born in, gives way to another world, I find myself marvelling at the spectacle of this strange new thing. In trying to articulate what I feel, I find myself drawn to forms which exist between two states. Somewhere between the constructed facade, the fury and force of the natural world, and the wild energy that escapes at the edges. I find myself going back in time in my own chronology to places that mesmerized me when I was young and impressionable, high energy palces like funfairs, arcades, and roller coasters.

To be here, at this moment in space and time, at the crossroads between two different civilizations, one brick and mortar, and the other weightless, electrical and digital. I find myself visually contrasting these strange worlds. One receding, the other emerging, and yet, in the end these two worlds tell the same stories, just in different formats, and I find myself really understanding what McLuhan meant by the media is the message. It’s about accessing reality, a thin facade woven from narrative, concrete, and experience. The same stories recorded with constantly changing technology, and ever shifting backdrops.

(Thank you Michael Murray for this beautiful piece of writing.)

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Our eyes watered as we screamed from our carts. Our mouths wide open as the heavy carnival air poured in, filling us with a kind of unreal electricity, we sped and clattered, faster and more beautiful than anything we could ever have imagined.

Everything dizzy and wonderful and hitting me at the same time.

All of it spinning, disintegrating, mutating, as if a million dreams unfolding around you at once.

Lost Cities Project

The last few years of my life have given me the opportunity to discover the mysteries of Medieval France. From Cluny to Déols, the ancient sites bridge the spectrum of time. From these journeys around France, to the 2020 lockdown, my interest in dualities took a new turn. While confined to interior spaces I started to explore certain concepts, which lead me to my Lost Cities project. An exploration of the traces of Lost Cities through the debris of this contemporary moment at the end of consumer culture. I create sculptures from discarded packaging, which evoke architectural details from the past.